“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” 

Warren Buffett



Morales Services provides mobile notary services 24/7. Knowing how to professionally handle your document signing needs makes our mobile notary service exceptional. If you need a document notarized and cannot travel to us, we can travel to meet you... at work, your home, the hospital, a nursing home, hotel, restaurant and more. We know your time is valuable, so we are available long after most banks have closed, and we strive to meet your after hour notary needs. Call or email us today! We are available most evenings, weekends and even holidays and our travel territory includes: Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Lafayette, Levy, Marion, Putnam, Suwannee, and Union counties. (Travel fee may apply depending on location - Contact us for estimate.)


Florida Standard Notary Fees:

~Signature Acknowledgment: $10 per certificate

~Oath/Affirmation: $10 per individual

~Certify or Attest Photocopy: $10 per copy

(Examples include: ■ Florida driver's license ■ Florida vehicle title ■ Social Security card ■ Diploma ■ Medical record ■ U.S. passport ■ Bill of sale ■ Contract ■ Lease ■ Resident alien card ■ Personal letter ■ Etc.)

~Inventory Safe Deposit Box: $10

~Execute a Protest: $10

~VIN Verification: $20 total ($10 for executing jurat in Part A & $10 for completing Part B)

~Matrimonial Ceremony: $30 

What type of documents need notarization, you ask? 

This list includes only a few of the type documents that may require you to have your signature notarized: 

  • Bill of Sales

  • Certificates of Occupancy

  • Contracts & Affidavits

  • Estate Documents

  • Health Care Designations

  • Last Will & Testaments

  • Living Wills 

  • Mortgage & Deed of Trusts

  • Paternity Documents

  • Power of Attorneys

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Quit Claim Deeds

  • Travel Authority for Minors

We also provide witnesses when necessary & requested. You may provide your own witness, but they cannot be a beneficiary of the document, and must provide proper identification. An additional fee may apply for witnesses provided by Morales Services.

"Notary Publics are not attorneys or licensed to practice law in the State of Florida

and we may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice"

"The more people who own little businesses of their own, the safer our country will be; for the people who have a stake in their country and their community are its best citizens."

John Hancock



Our goal at Morales Services is to simplify the signing process for both your company and the borrowers. From first contact you will notice the difference in our services, which set us apart from our competitors due to our personalized attention to detail and accuracy for each transaction. Dependability, determination and old fashioned hard work fire our success because we know that customer service is key to a successful relationship with you. Because of this, and long after those big companies have turned their phones over to answering services, we are still available for you. Whether you want to speak to a real person or send a text or email, we are there; in the evening, on holidays and weekends. If you are working we are working and available to assist your business needs and once you have gone home for the day we are still working for you and your clients. So leave early and contact us now to see for yourself why choosing Morales Services is your best choice for all your closing needs. 

  • Refinances

  • Purchases

  • 1sts, 2nds or 1st & 2nd Combo

  • Cash Closings

  • Seller Documents

  • Deed Only Signing


  • Loan Modifications

  • Trusts/Wills

  • ...and so much more!



In a world where almost every aspect of our lives are managed online, employers and educational institutes are expanding their curriculum to allow classes and training  to be done online. However, until recently, test takers have had to show up in a classroom or office location to take exams. With technology being key to remote learning for many professionals and students, finding an impartial individual, or proctor, can be a roadblock. At Morales Services, we can provide a proctor at a pre-selected location (usually a home, library or workplace) to ensure the security and integrity of the exam process.


How does this work? 

  • Generally, the student schedules the time & place to take a proctored exam.

  • Once a proctor is hired, the exam & instructions are obtained & reviewed.

  • The student will confirm the equipment or resources necessary are present at the chosen location & working properly. (These will vary depending on the institution).

  • Student's identity will be confirmed through photo identification & any other means required by institution. 

  • Exam is administered within time limit & parameters set in instructions.

Our proctors are not only familiar with the online educational system, but most have obtained their degree, training, or credentials online and understand taking exams from the perspective of the student. You can count on our proctors to be professional, friendly, impartial, and informed. We provide around the clock support and can meet at most locations within 24 hours of contact.



Generally, this service applies to I-9 Forms where Employer and Employee are not able to meet in person. In this case, the Employer will designate an Authorized Representative to act on their behalf and complete the appropriate section of the I-9 Form.


  • The employer will request in writing that we act as their Authorized Representative for the purposes listed above and this request should be in writing.

  • After the request is received, we schedule an appointment with the Employee and complete the form.

  • Once completed, It is the Employee's responsibility to return the form to their Employer for further processing. 

If your Employer has asked you to find someone to notarize your I-9 form as a pre-employment measure, contact us right away to initiate the process. Most meetings can be performed the same or next day.